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Did you know that regular affection can have more of an effect on your health than smoking? Research shows that consistent affection whether it be with a significant other or with friends, can help you stay healthy and help prevent against depression! So snuggle up!

Info About Santa Cruz Core Fitness+Rehab

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Jaimi Ellison expanded her personal training business in June 2009 and with a staff of 12 became Santa Cruz CORE Fitness + Rehab. Located at 317 Potrero Suite C, Santa Cruz CORE is truly an integrative wellness center and is the first of its kind in the area! Jaimi’s innovative approach and focus on functional training inspires the clients and helps them achieve their goals. Our philosophy is to improve an individual’s functionality and therefore increase one’s fitness level at whatever stage that may be. We have something for everyone! Not only is everything under one roof, but the practitioners go the extra mile to provide the best treatment and individual attention you deserve! “Our practitioners meet weekly to discuss new innovative training methods and ways to serve clients better. Our goal is to help our clients reach his/her wellness goals whether you are an athlete or someone recovering from an injury we are here to guide you on your path!” For more info please call 831-417-7500 and visit our website at
Physical Therapy: Our physical therapists help to rehabilitate individuals who have chronic injuries or who are post surgery. They specialize in manual therapy and utilize the studio space to ensure proper form of the prescribed specific rehabilitation exercises. They have been practicing for over 20 years and are considered experts in their field. Our therapists specialize in neck and spine therapy as well as Active Release Therapy, and Graston techniques.
Personal Training: All of our personal trainers have advanced degrees and work with individuals and small groups on strength, endurance, toning, injury rehabilitation, weight loss, sports performance and more. Each individual is assigned a Program Manager to ensure quality of care and to keep you on track with your training program. The program manager also plays an integral part in ensuring you utilize the necessary practitioners to get you to your goal. We focus on functional training and challenging our clients in a healthy and productive environment.
Group Classes: Group classes are taught by certified instructors and personal trainers and encompass a wide variety of techniques. Our classes are taught either at the Santa Cruz CORE location on the corner of River and Potrero Streets or off location at the Dance Center in Capitola, Seacliff State Beach, or Mission Hill Junior High soccer field. The classes include:
• Zumba CORE PT Salsa
• Body Sculpting Yoga Get on the Ball
• Group Fitness Challenge Pilates Boot Camp
Chiropractic: Justin McLeod is a chiropractor who uses acupressure, Active Release Therapy, and Graston Instruments to relax the surrounding tissue that causes the spine and skeletal structure to lose correct alignment and then adjusts as necessary. He is fantastic!
Massage: You can be treated by one of our 7 massage therapists and receive the benefits that massage has to offer in a quiet and serene environment. Our therapists all specialize in specific types of massage each bringing something unique and special to their practice. We offer:
• Shiatsu Cranial Sacral
• Deep tissue Hand and Feet Therapy
• Swedish Structural Analysis
• Myofascial release Prenatal
Nutrition: We offer personalized meal planning and free nutrition classes to promote a community of wellness. We also offer a meal plan program for those who are wanting a healthy and “goof proof” way to achieve his/her weight goal. We teach how to create new lifestyle changes, no fad diets here!

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Santa Cruz CORE Fitness & Rehab is creating a community of wellness, now offering a complete spectrum of health and fitness services to the public. Not only is everything under one roof, but the practitioners go the extra mile to provide the best treatment and individual attention you deserve! They include: personal training, nutritional counseling, chiropractic, physical therapy, prenatal yoga and doula services, boot camps and fitness classes, yoga therapy, yoga classes, and massage. They also offer personalized and customized athletic/training programs, nutritional programs, sports rehabilitation, and life coaching all designed for your special health needs. All of the practitioners and instructors meet on a weekly basis to discuss case studies and problem solve in order to have the most recent information and to offer excellent care to their clients/patients. Working with each other, the practitioners and instructors improve their knowledge about their clients and continue to learn from one another. Through continuing education, the staff will always be able to provide you with the best possible care!